Monday, February 23, 2015

6 Months in the Mission

6 months in the mission down. jeez. what the heck. that went by fast. but it was the most life changing 6 months. hard but definitly worth it.

i hope that everyone is doing great. going to church reading scriptures and saying prayers. thats the recipe to a good life. so everyone do it.

nothing really happened this week. weve just been working hard. sorry that im so boring latly. something crazy is bound to happen. its honduras. 

heres some pics. 

much love to everyone. 

elder larsen

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Area

sorry everyone for how sucky i am. i got some catching up to do.

last week i got transfered. my new area is called La Ceiba. its one of the big cities in the mission and its close to the beach. its pretty sweet. i want to give a shout out to my old area. La Sarrosa. thats my hometown. ill never forget those people. but ive just been getting used to the area these few weeks. some good experiences this week.

1. like 2 hours ago when i was eating lunch at some old ladies house, we got talking with the uncle in the family. just talking about what we beleive in. when we started talking about adam and eve and thats were all of humanity started he started laughing. saying ¨you guys really beleive in that garbage!?¨so we asked him what he beleived in. he continued to tell us that the human race evolved from mermaids. MERMAIDS. how can mermaids be more beleivable then adam and eve????? so that was a good time.

2. thursday we went to the house early because me and my comp were sick. we got to sleep at about 9. the other elders that live in the apartment next to us got home at 9:30 and saw that our house was completly dark. and they got really worried. they called our phones and some members in our ward and they didnt know where we were. so this freaking elder decided the best option was to kick our door down. so thats what he does. he kicks the door down. busts all the locks out of the wall, just to find us sleeping in our beds. so now our apartment in one of the skechiest countries in the world doesnt have a functioning door. looks like ill be hinding all my valubles for my time here.

other then that nothing really happened. just teaching with fire. were working our butts off. serving the lord man. 

everyone go to church. read your scriptures and say your prayers. i cant ask for anything more.


elder larsen