Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Me

hey everyone,

sorry that ive been such a sucky missionary and not writing very much. i suck. i know. but first of all MERRY CHRISTMAS. this christmas was great. skyping home made giggle like a school girl. haha. but seriously. it was great. and my birthday was this week. 

the family in the pictures is jasmin ( who we baptized a month ago) and her sister fernanda (were baptizing this week). they are the best. they bought me a cake on my birthday and has a surprise party for me. it made me all warm inside. they really have been taking care of me.

but this week was sweet. christmas here is hilarious. most people think that christmas is the 24th and not the 25th. so on the 24th everyone goes and buys new clothes. and then they all go home and start cooking tamales and chicken sandwiches. (i ate 3 tamales and 4 of the sandwich things) freaking great. then everyone waits until 12 in the morning and they go out into the streets and hug their neighbors (brazo de navideno) and then they go back into their houses and dance until like 4 in the morning. and lets not forget, the whole time all of their little children are out in the streets throwing fire works at each other. its sweet. a real party. hahaha. so be greatful for your christmases everyone. 

but much love to everyone. i hope all is well. that everyone has a great new year this week. 

keep fighting the good fight. survival.

elder larsen

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