Monday, March 2, 2015


were killing it.

just working hard. i cant say any more. i learned what GRACE is this week.

the scriptures say ¨ by grace we are saved after ALL THAT WE CAN DO¨ i invite everyone this week to look at your life this week and really ask if you have done everything you can do to be closer to christ. everything you can do. its alot. but we will be blessed for it.

other then that i went on divisions with an elder named elder chicaiza yesterday. hes from ecuador. for real this kid is insane. me and him have really gotten close. we have a blast when we go on divisions.  yesterday we got talking with a lady and her daughter. they started flirting with us. which was way gross. the mom asked me if i thought her daughter was attractive. i said ¨email me in a year and a half and ill tell you.¨ this is where elder chicaiza bumped in and told the lady that on a scale of 1 to 10 her daughter is a 3 and that the mom is a 1. it was super awkward. but somhow they still want to listen to us. SI HOMBRE.

that was a good laugh for me this week. everyone. read your scriptures and go to church. for real. thats all i can ask. 

much love

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