Monday, November 17, 2014

Si Hombe Je

everyweek  i think that maybe it might be normal and i wont have anything funny or weird to write about. and then by the end of the week i remember that this is honduras. and normal doesnt exist here. 

this week was freaking great. i had my first baptisim where i baptized the person! his name is nahum. hes the man. i feel like if i wasnt a missionary we would probably hang out. its been amazing to see how the lord has truly changed his life and prepared him for baptisim. i honestly thought he wasnt going to get baptized but, of course the lord always pulls through for us and now nahum is the newest member of our ward here in la sarrosa.

so anyways this week ive realized that the same guy that stole two pairs of my shoes came back this week and stole our pots and pans from our house. and another pair of shoes. so this week i have starved. i hope that somehow this letter gets to that person that stole of our stuff and he returns them. thank you. haha

no, but other than that this week was good. my teeth decided to be stupid and one of the caps for my cavities fell out. so i had to go all the way to san pedro to go to a dentist. that was pretty scary. also i got sick earlier in the week. i made the mistake to tell one of the members. she made me come to her house and she squeezed a 2 limes into a cup and then poured like a pound of salt in the cup and made me drink it. yummy

and the week was capped off by watching this extremly drunk dude get in a fight with a dog at a gas station. this dog was just minding his own business and the dude would not put up with a dog looking at him. so went over and tried to tackle the dog but he was to drunk and the dog would just bite him. 

way better then watching tv back at home

i hope everyone at home is doing great. dont forget about the power of prayer this week. it has truly been a life saver for me this week. so pray. 

much love

elder matty boy larsen

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