Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Listen Up Ya'll

hey everyone. this week has been sweet. everyone pay attention to this letter.

ill start off with the funny.

so it was our investigators birthday this week. and as for tradition here, they crack eggs on your head when its your birthday. so i roll in to a members house and our investigator (who we were going to put a baptisimal date with) was sitting there in the house waiting to get taught. the girl in the family walks over to me and puts an egg in my hand. and im just thinking what the freak is this. then i remember its our investigators birthday. so i sneak over to him all smooth, hit his hat off his head and smack him on the back of the head with this egg. ( in this moment i forgot that im a missionary and not a punk anymore) i ran away laughing waiting for the investigator to come over and laugh with me... but no... he got super pissed. and just runs out the door pissed of and runs to his house. so me and my comp sprint after him anf finally find him. and i begged for forgivness. haha. and later that night he accpeted a baptisimal date and is getting baptized this friday. SI OMBE

so that was pretty bad. 

but this week i wanted to challenge everyone to read a chapter in the book of mormon. its ALMA CHAPTER 5. please, just take a couple minutes out of your day and just read it. im not going to lie, its a bit harsh, but its the truth and its what we all need to here...

so if you got this email, ill be expecting a email this monday hearing what you think about it. sorry if this is difficult homework.. but really, think about this scripture and how you can change your life accordingly.

sorry for preaching, just love you all. haha

everyone have a great week. keep working hard. keep fighting the good fight. survival.

elder larsen

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