Monday, January 26, 2015

Was Up Man!

hey everyone. i hope everyone went and read alma 5 last week and thought about it. and if not do it this week.

as for this week it was pretty good. just working hard everyday.. i went to an actualy gym for the first time in 5 months today. ive gained 2 pounds the whole time ive been here! which is a christmas miracle compared to some people here who gain like 40. but a good week. 

this week were were teaching a member. i think shes one of the oldest members in the ward. shes 80 somthing. shes a stud. she only has one tooth and so she kind of whistles when she talks. in the middle of the lesson her 30 year old son comes sprinting in the house drunk as can be with a machete in 1 hand and a cigarette in the other. i thought i was going to die. the first thing the drunks do when they see me is try to speak english. so he just kept yelling WAS UP MAN at me till he go tired. then he sat down and listened to the lesson till a cat walked by. so he started mewoing at the cat and finding food to feed it. it was a sweet experience. word of wisdom everybody.

we baptized micheal this week. hes uncle baptized him. everytime i see the picture of his baptisim i just laugh. i dont know why. the old lady with one tooth is in it showing off her new bible. too funny. i love the people here. they make me laugh alot. i hope everyone has a good week. keep working hard, and trusting in the lord

keep fighting the good fight, survival.

elder larsen

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