Monday, October 20, 2014

Adventures of Matt Larsen...

wowzers friends and family... what a week. 

this week has been alot better for me personally. so thank you for all your prayers. ive had quite a few adventures this week. they include:

1.yesterday a dog ran into our church building in the middle of sacrament meeting. that was pretty awkward. this dog almost killed me when i kicked it to try to get it out.

2.also in sacrament meeting i was trying to be super spiritual and get all i could out of the talks. and this lady sitting next to me taps on my shoulder and points down at her baby child. this lady is breast feeding and decided it was important that i see the funny face her kid was making while she breast fed it. gotta love it.

3. in the middle of a lesson on thursday i saw a drunk guy walking down the road yelling and singing to the world and eating a log of a cut down tree that he found on the ground.

theres a couple other good ones but ill save those till i get home. haha. oh i went to the city near our town ( el progresso) and had little ceasars pizza this week!! i was about to cry the whole time i was so happy. 

but anyways. its been alot better week. ive really felt the spirit a ton and seen the lord working in my life. the lord has put people in my way everyday that need to hear of the gospel. our investigators are doing great. we should be having a baptisim this week for this kid named naum. hes 17 and hes a stud. all his friends try to make him do bad stuff but hes on the lords team and doesnt stand for any of that crap. haha. hes the man. so pray for that. i hope that everyone is doing great. thank you all so much for the support. cant wait to hear from you all next week.

with love from the jungles of hondo, elder larsen

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