Tuesday, October 7, 2014

From the Jail to the Jungle

this place never ceases to amaze me. holy cow. im still in shock of whats been happening the past couple of days...wow, anyways. ill keep it light. i dont want to make this my journal and spill all my deep thoughts. haha. but yeah. this was the hardest, weirdest, most diffrent week of my life. ive gotten to know my companion and everything. he is really cool. hes from guatamala. this is going to be his last area before he goes home so were in exact opposite shoes, this being my first area. im in a place called guacamaya in the city of la sarrosa. its pretty much a village. theres almost just as much dogs and pigs in the roads as there is people. we dont have running water for the most part in my house. so either you go fill up a bucket of water outside and take it in the shower and just dump it on yourself. or you go outside to this thing called a "pila" which is pretty much a huge cement tub and you just stand outside and dump water on yourself until you "clean". the members here are pretty cool. they all love the church because it is really all they have. so pretty much this week me and my comp have just been exploring our area. its freaking wild. yesterday i saw a dead guy that turned out to just be extremly drunk laying in the middle of the road. and then i saw to birds eating a dog right afterward so that was pretty fun. we have these 2 investigators that we also found a couple of days ago that are really going well. one just kind of listens to us because her sister wants her to but the other seems like she is actually really intrested. i invited them to be baptized and the one said she wanted to. so thats really good. we also meet this guy named pablo i think? we invited him to come watch confrence in the church and he did so that was good. and thats pretty much the highlights of my week. a really hard and diffrent thing to get ajusted to but i know that it will all come.

i hope everyone is doing great back at home. i keep you guys all in my prayers.

much love

elder larsen

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