Wednesday, October 1, 2014


hello friends and family,

today is my second day in the murder capitol of the world and im still going. so im just gonna let you all know what ive been up too these past 48 hours. which might be the most eye opening and weirdest 2 days of my entire life. so anyways. tuesday we woke up at 2 in the morning to leave mexico. it was actually really sad saying goodbye to my favorite prison. im gonna miss that place a ton. we all got carted to the airport where they split us all up. it was really tough. i had to say goodbye to my whole district which was extremely hard. all of them are going to the states so they all  said goodbye to me like i was going to die.
so i flew to el salvador. which is like the hottest place on the planet. gave away a little church card there to the worker at subway.
then we flew to san pedro from there. which makes el salvador feel like a refrigerator. this place is the hottest jungle on the face of the planet. holy crap. there is not one second that ive been here that i havent been sweating. so we got here later in the afternoon and we me the mission president. hes the man. i wish i could just keep him in my pocket for whenever i need motivational advice. so  i had meetings all night about mission stuff. then some member in the area wanted to have all 22 new missinaries over at there house. so we went over to this little concrete house thing and hung out with a family. the whole time i just watched this dog who has no joints in its back legs slide across the house in the splits. and then the members daughters decided they wanted to dance for the missionaries. so that went on for a couple of hours. the entire time i was thinking to myself. "this is what being on drugs probably feels like..." hahaha. so after we all went over to this house where we were gonna sleep. and by this time we picked up a couple more missionaries so there were 30 or more missionaries crammed in this little house. it was wild to say the least. i used my suit jacket as a blanket. then today we woke up and had a few meetings. then i got assigned my companion and an area. my comps name is elder tezen. hes the man. hes guatamalen. he knows english pretty well so he understands me when i give up on spanish. im in an area called sarosa. its this little village south of san pedro sula. i just got here like an hour ago so i couldnt really tell you to much about the place.  other than that the internet cafe im in right now is a room in some dudes house. oh and on the way here i saw the most massive pig on the planet hanging out outside of our house. but thats all i really have seen in my area so far. somehow through all this im still going strong. i kind of just came to the realization that everything is going to be alright. the lord is going to pull my through all of this. i just have to endure and have faith and he will do the rest.
my p day is monday so everybody write me so i have something to look forward too!
love you all thannks so much for the support.
until next time
elder larsen

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