Thursday, October 30, 2014


hello family and friends. wow. what a week. i know i say that everyweek but i mean it this week. haha. im gonna start out with funny moments and then we will get serious later on in the letter. hahah. so here are some experiences.

1. so early in the week we were riding in a bus to our area. and these buses are huge freaking school buses that they shove people intolike sardines. so somehow i find a seat by some lady who just went to the local butcher and decided to buy a whole huge plastice bag full of mysetery meat. so this lady hangs her plastic bag of mystery meat on the racks above our heads, and for 30 minutes straight i have to let this unknown meat juice just drip on my head and body. and i have no other option to just sit there and take it like a champ because i cant move anywhere. so anyways. i finally find a little to towel to wipe all the juice off me and off the bag over my head. and so i chuck this soaking wet meat juice  towell out the window and the towell flys out and then flys back in the bus and smacks a dude straight in his face. so i made sure to get off the next bus stop. haha

theres more but my comp wants to go play soccer. speaking of, i got a new comp. im now in a trio. his name is elder escalante. he seems cool. so thats good but anways one more thing. spiritual experience of the week.

so last night me and elder tezen were just walking around because one of our appointments fell through. and i had the impression that we need to go see this family that we hadnt talked to for a couple of weeks. and this family is just a mom and her 2 daughters and they arent members of the church. so right as we get to the house the mom comes outside in tears because her and her 17 year old daughter just got in a fight. so we tried our best to comfort the mom. and then we went inside and tried to comfort the daughter. then we came back outside to talk to the mom again. and for anybody who knows me and my dear mothers relationship knows that were both hot heads and we fight alot about the clenliness of my room. and that wasnt this ladys exact problem but i could relate to the problems her and her daughter were having so well. so i just started talking. and somhow the words that came out of my mouth made sense and were actually in spanish. and i could see as i was talking that this ladies heart really changed.... like a real change. and she understood me. and she understood her daughter. and she felt peace. and now she wants to continue in taking lessons with us!

so the lord works miracles. i know that this might seem insignificant but it was a miracle that i could just talk with this lady and truly change her heart. and she wants to come closer to her savior because of what me and my comp said. so that is enough of a miracle for me.

my new comp wants to play soccer. so i got to go.

much love from hondo town

elder larsen

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