Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Les' Gooooo!!!!

friends and family, hello to all.
just reporting my experiences from this week from deep in the jungle of honduras.
im finally starting to get into the swing of things. everyday gets better and better. definetly wasnt an easy week but was definetly better then last week. the language is all coming along better. still cant really understand anything but i can somewhat know what someone is talking about. alll of our investigators are doing pretty good. a couple of them came to church on sunday so thats good to see them progress. and we have a couple with baptisimal dates. so thats exciting. its crazy how diffrent the members are here. we were talking to a member and she said that she was inviting her friends to go to other churches just as long as they go to church. so that was fun, explaining that you need to go to your own church and you need to invite your friends to YOUR church. not other ones. hahaha
then we found a guy who wanted to talk to us because he knew i spoke english and he really wanted to practice his english. so i let him babble to me for a good hour about his stories of getting deported from the states. so that was also fun. hahah
not much going on this week. just continuing to get ajusted.i bear my testimony this week of the power of prayer. and how it can really change lives. how its changed my life. i couldnt be here without the power of prayer and how much comfort its brought me. so keep praying everybody. its good for you. 

dont have to much fun this week. always remember jesus

much love,elder larsen

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