Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Letter in the Mission

so i sent all of you guys little letters! all of you are really huge inspirations to me! im so thankful for all of you. so anyways, the mtc is actually not to bad. the first couple of days will definetly go down as the worst in my life, but since then it has been great! my companions name is elder smart and he lives in salt lake. hes a cool kid. i have a really cool and nice district as well. they are all really intresting guys. so there is about 14 guys here that are all going to the same mission as me. it is ridculous. we really are and army of god. the food here isnt too bad but it definelty wouldnt fall under the good tasting category. the mtc here is surrounded by a huge barbwire fence. its like a little paradise compaared to all of mexico. all my teachers are really nice and spanish is coming along pretty well! i can understand it well its just hard to say stuff. ive already learned a ton about the gospel as well. this really is such a spiritual place. i hope that everyone is doing alright and getting along with out me constantly bugging you guys! hahaha. everyone make sure to write me! try not to foget like dad did! hahaha you guys are all in my thoughts and prayers. everyone be safe this week! i love you all so much!

elder larsen

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