Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sep 4 (10 days ago)
to LorrenNickAmberallieMarianmeDrew
so here is a group email that you all can forward to everybody! just an update on ya boy. so basically ive been doing pretty good. ive gotten into a good routine and the days are starting to fly by. so here is the daily schedule. i was up every morning at 6:30 and take a shower in the worst shower on the planet. it is either lava hot or ice cold so you have to choose if you want to boil your skin or freeze. then i go to the cafeteria on the other side of the campus where they usually serve some kind of weird looking mexican dish that usually is as hard as a rock. then i go to our class and i study for about an hour. its really a peaceful time where i can learn a ton. next we start our 3 hour spanish class in which not a SINGLE WORD of english is spoken. next we teach a fake investigator in spanish. which actually goes decently well. next i return to the cafeteria for usually a plate of mystery meat that ive learned to love. i honestly couldnt tell you what type of meat it is. then i have about 4 more hours of study. then i get to go to gym. THANK GOODNESS. and we play soccer in this cage on concrete and it is so fun. next we eat dinner. another plate of mystery meat. then we start our night time spanish classes for another 3 hours. once again completly in spanish. and then we go home and all hang out in this dinky little house that we share with 20 guys. and i actually am enjoying myself here.... who would of known. i hope everyone is doing alright at home without me! know that i pray for each of you individually at least like 3 times a day. im so thankful for all of you. send me donuts if you can through the website that mom knows! and try not to forget about me. love you all so much.

elder larsen

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