Friday, September 19, 2014

September 17, 2014

quick update from your boy elder larsen,

everything is going great down here in mexico. ive learned to embrace the dirt and ghetto here. haha the food continues to be awful and the beds are still hard as rocks. but everything is great. im starting to sound like a mexican. and every couple of days i let the mustache grow out so i can fit in with the people. haha. the spanish is coming a long great. pretty much all i do is study spanish and play soccer. it gets really competetive here so this week i had to take a break from soccer so that a couple of the guys can cool down and not want to kill me. haha not even joking. but im short on time because a ton of other elders are breathing down my back trying to get on this computer

much love from the worst city in the world,

elder larsen

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