Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 11, 2014

hello everyone! good to hear from you all this week. except allie. haha but yeah. im doing good out here! im gonna try and get on later and send some pictures so you can kind of get an idea of what this place looks like and what ive been up too. but yeah, this week has kicked my butt. all we do everyday is teach investigators and its actually going really well. so on tuesday i think, we taught this guy named juan carlos. and this dude was a tool. he was just an actor, but still. a tool. throughout the whole lesson he would go cross eyed and stare at us and then fake asleep while we were teaching him. it went awful. haha we tried to teach but me and elder smart could not focus at all and it was just sucky. so at the end we ask if he could offer a prayer and he says okay. so me and elder smart kneel down and close our eyes. and this dude stands up and starts chanting a roman catholic prayer at the top of his lungs. and the whole time he his pumping his fists and going wild. and keep in mind this is in front of like 20 other missionaries that we were doing a demonstration for so we looked like complete idiots.... hahaha. so that was the low of the week. so me and elder smart went in the next day to teach this girl that weve been teaching named karen. and it was the first lesson where we went in there without any dictionaries or spanish guide things. and we just sat there and had a 20 minute conversation in straight spanish just answering all of her questions abou the church and it was amazing. we just talked. it went so well. the spirit was definetly there. so that was the highlight of the week. im just trying to be as happy as i can here and do all that i can to stay positive. funny story real quick: so in our night classes we have this crazy little mexcan teacher. and the dude has no respect for anything. so in the middle of this lesson. he grabs a marker and starts drawing all over this flat screen tv that they have here to try and explain a spanish concept. just drawing all over this tv with a marker. and i was dying. like what is going through this dudes head. hahah. luckily after he scrubed if for awhile it came off but yeah. funny thing. anyways. im going to get on later and send pictures. dont forget to send donuts and mail to me. 
love you all so much!

elder larsen

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