Thursday, September 25, 2014


hello everyone!
greetings to everyone from the mexican prison,
this week has been a really good week and a really hard week.
all week ive been trying to work really hard to understand the language and everything and get it down before i get shipped out to honduras. ive been doing alright but its still pretty difficult to get used to. 
yesterday we taught the closest thing to a real investiagtor. we taught some random lady that spoke the fastest spanish in the world. i picked up a good 20 percent of it. haha. all i heard was how her son was in jail and how he was a terrible son and she just sat there and cried to us about all her problems. and i felt so bad because my spanish sucks to bad to help her! haha
it ended up going well, we taught he about how important church attendance is and how it can help her and her son not have such sucky lives. haha
so that was a great experience, soccer here is getting way to competitive. last thursday after i got done emailing some big tongan who is going to play football for byu we were playing soccer with decided he didnt like me and he was just going to hit me flat on my back. so that was fun and then 2 days ago another kid decided he wanted to try and send me home from my mission so he elbowed me in the face and then hit me again on to my back and i had a bloody nose all day. so that went well. haha
i guess the lord is just trying to test my patience a little out here. haha
but yeah, ive really started to get nervous about leaving for honduras. ive heard alot since ive been here that its the armpit of the world. whenever you ask one of the teachers about honduras they cringe because its pretty terrible. but oh well! ill be alright. haha

hope everyone is doing good. keep all the emails coming. p day is like christams being able to hear from all of you!

elder larsen

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